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Parandas : Tradional Hair accessory of Pakistan

Author: Anber Mumtaz

Parranda is our traditional hair accessory. Day by day fashion trends are changing. Young girls prefer latest styles and parranda is considered as an old fashion style.

These days, girls only wear parandas on some special occasion such as wedding functions. Especially bride prefer to wear yellow color dress in different styles such as Sharara suit, Gharara suit, Anarkali style or Simple shirt with Chorri dar Pajamas, but use Parandas as hair accessories with fresh flowers.

With the passage of time, Parandas style has evolved. These come in many styles sometime only in one color and sometime in different eye-catching colors. Mirror work, Colorful threads, Golden Tilla , Silver Tilla are used to make stylish parandas. These also represent culture of various areas of Pakistan such as Balochi style have in different style with colorful threads and Punjabi is different. Different areas’ people use different stuff to decorate it.

This is purely handmade product, after a lot of efforts one piece gets into shape & ready. Ladies belonging to rural areas make it and send to cities for sale. Shopkeepers buy from them on very cheap prices then sale on expensive rates.

If you want to get it, you can approach to Anarkali Market in Lahore, Ichra and Liberty. There you can get some beautiful one for bridal wear.

It’s also having Ghonghros, and these sound a lot while walking. When girls walk while wearing it, Guys can easily notice and may become alert that some Beautiful Punjabi Mutiyar is coming but this is also a possibility that some aged married aunty wear it to pose as young girl so Please boys beware :-)



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