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New Trend of Long Shirts in Pakistan during 2012 – 2013

In every season Pakistani designers introduce some new style statement for fashion lovers, this year one style has become very famous among young girls. That is shirts such as men wear with jeans.

1. That kind of sleeves and neck designs are in to wear but length is quite long. One important innovation in this kind of style is that it is long from back and short from front like 2 to 3 inches difference between both sides.

2. From backside sometime they use some printed fabric and at front side plane fabric. This is totally new style. Some ladies do not like this style. At start it doe not feel good but if you design and adopt it wisely then looks so nice while wearing.

3. These kind of shirts are worn with skinny pajamas , you can also wear along with Jeans

4.    Normally in Gulf , there is fashion of long gowns without any side cuts but this kind of shirts are having cut in Pakistan , Long shirt with 8 to 9 inches cuts.

5.    These shirts are not in fitting, these are in loose fitting and buggy style. It gives decent look to college going young girls .

6.    Dupata(shawl) is essential part of shalwar kameez but with this innovative style , there is no dupata in it.

7. Famous Pakistani Tv Actress Mahira khan is using this style in drama Sher e Zaat , Right now this is telecasting on Hum Tv, Throughout every episode she is looking gorgeous with this style.



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