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Passport Information






Requirements for Adult Pakistani Citizens

  1. Self Availability
  2. Computerized CNIC/NICOP in Original and its 2 Photo copies
  3.  Old or Available Passport and Its Photo Copy
  4. In case the Passport is Lost, Please Bring Police Report and Its Photo Copy
  5. Residency Copy

Requirements for Under 18 Years Pakistani Citizens

  1. CRC (Child Registration Certificate)/Form “B” or NICOP in Original and Its 2 Photocopies
  2. Fathers Passport, CNIC, NICOP and Its 2 Photocopies
  3. Mothers Passport, CNIC, NICOP and Its 2 Photocopies
  4. Residency Photocopy
  5. Old Passport Photocopy
  6. In case the Passport is Lost, Please bring Police Report and Its Photo Copy
  7. Parents should accompany the minor when applying or processing the Passport.

Fees for MRP

  • Passport 36 Pages
    • Normal Processing: 8.250 KD.
    • Urgent Processing: 15.750 KD
  • Passport 72 Pages
    • Normal Processing: 17.250 KD.
    • Urgent Processing: 31.250 KD
  • Passport 100 Pages
    • Normal Processing: 19.500 KD.
    • Urgent Processing: 39.000 KD.


In Case the Passport is Lost Fee Structure will be as Follows:

First Time: 2 Times of the Original Fees

Second Time: 4 Times of the Original Fees


  1. Step # 1:Deposit Fees on Counter # 1 and take receipt.
  2. Step # 2: While Showing Fee Receipt, Original CNIC/NICOP, OLD Passport and Residency Permit, on counter # 2, take Computerized Token and get your finger prints (Biometric) done.
  3. Step # 3: On Counter # 3, get your Digital Photograph done, give your all credentials, verify the same and sign.
  4. Step # 4: After Finishing signing take all your Original Papers along with papers received from from Counter # 3 and present yourself in front of NADRA Officer for Interview.

Urgent Passport Issuance Time is 15 Days
Normal Passport Issuance time is 40 Days
Bring the Original Token issued from Counter # 2 and Old Passport while receiving the New Passport.

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