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Hala Pakistan joined POD “Peace One Day” the Global Truce 2012 Campaign in Kuwait.

Peace One Day (POD) is non-profit organization founded in 1999 by a filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, he wish that “What if there was one day, just 24 hours, when the world stopped killing?”, therefore, he was the man who drove the initiative that led to the unanimous adoption by UN member states of an annual day of global ceasefire & non-violence on 21st September- Peace Day.

On September 7th 2001 a decision was taken by the UN to make September 21 a day of peace and global ceasefire.

In Kuwait, Ms. Amira Behbehani, deeply inspired by the idea, struggled hard to convince a group of dedicated people after months of exploration followed by long brain storming sessions, she managed to bring together these key team member Shurooq Amin, Dalia VekilOglu, Basil Al Hadi, Shady Al-Hady, Reza Akvan, Sheikha Al Nafisi & Abed Al Kadiri, as a the backbone of this massive project.

Due to strong conviction & dedication of Ms. Amira Behbehani & her key team members the dream came true and they organized this beautiful event of Art & Music Exhibition in Kuwait on 21st Septmber, 2012, under the name of “GLOBAL TRUCE 2012, ART EXHIBITION KUWAIT”.

Team Hala Pakistan, joined the event to make it a success & to show support on behalf of Pakistani community for the cause. Their presence was meant to share the same global dream of peace and harmony and to play their role to bring awareness of peace in the region & to create a local unity that can move forward onto a global unity for peace at large.

This event was basically initiated by Amira Behbehani who then approached Shurooq Amin to bring the Peace One Day- Global Truce to Kuwait for the first time. The Art Salon, an art & design movement based in Kuwait, was the brainchild of Shurooq Amin. It gathers people of all nationalities & religions with the aim of making a positive difference in the world. Amira Behbehani & her team  joined the cause to bring peace awareness to the region & inspired people from all walk of life in Kuwait to create realization that everyone can help, everyone matters.
Great number of artists & art performer participated this global event. Team Hala Pakistan participated to recognize this global humanity cause. They highlighted the positive aspect of Pakistani Community as well. Team Hala showed the local & international community that Pakistani community realizes the need for peace and always ready to support all such humanitarian causes at any level.

High lights of Art & Music Exhibition:

Photography by Hala Team member, Nasar

CAP Kuwait Location:

2nd Floor
Life Center (same building as Eureka and Midas)
Industrial Shuwaikh Block 2, St 28

Website:  http://www.capkuwait.com

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