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TACK CONTINUES TO SHINE: D-TDL Second Season in full swing


After monumentally successful 2013, Teams Association for Cricket in Kuwait (TACK) has started 2014 with a bang with the successful completion of first D-TDL T-20 tournament last month which further cemented TACK’S reputation as the premier cricketing body in Kuwait offering the best platform for cricketers to showcase their talent. Continuing with their mission of serving and enhancing the game of cricket in Kuwait, TACK kick started the second season of D-TDL (TACK DIVISION LEAGUE- DOHA) T-20 tournament at TACK Entertainment City Cricket ground –DOHA. Along with the celebrations and festivities of Kuwait’s National & Liberation day TACK simultaneously had its own cricket festival going on in Doha with 9 matches played over the long holidays. Various teams including the likes of Alghanim Industries, AMG, Safety Plus, KGL along with others fought it out to start their cricket season on a high.

While 1st edition of TACK Division League – Doha was played among 31 teams spread across three divisions; A, B and C, the second edition of D-TDL has gotten much bigger as this year will see 37 teams competing across four divisions i.e. A, B, C and D. Teams are split across four divisions depending on their strengths and standing in TACK rankings with Division A comprising of the best cricket teams in the country. This increase in number of teams competing from 31 to 37 demonstrates growth of cricket in Kuwait and pivotal role played by TACK in ensuring to spread the game far and wide.


Apart from the second edition of D-TDL, TACK has also introduced one-of-a-kind Corporate League where Kuwait’s top corporates will fight it out to emerge winners. From corporate giants like Alghanim Industries and DHL to leading accountancy firms like KPMG and E&Y, the variety of firms coming together on this platform clearly indicating the trust and popularity TACK enjoys among cricket-lovers in Kuwait. 



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