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A Game of Nerves Starting Today :)

Twenty20 World Cup 2012 cricket Tournament starting today on Sep 18, 2012 in Sri Lanka. The last match of the tournament will be held on Oct 7, 2012.

Cricket now is mostly about the fascinating short version of the game called T20 cricket. With the T20 World Cup knocking at the door which is to start from the September 18, 2012 in Sri Lanka, the expectations from participating nations from all across the World are humongous. The T20 World Cup schedule has been declared by the ICC which will host 27 matches in the period of September-October this year. There has been much discussion about the Twenty20 World Cup schedule where team managements are in continuous discussion with the ICC to ensure a fair T20 schedule in order to avoid fatigue. The Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) is the operational body and developer of the World Twenty20 fixtures for the World Cup this year.

The first match is going to be played between Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka today on September 18 as the inaugural match of the Cup. Critics have already started the blame game complaining too much of cricket especially Twenty20 cricket is the root for fatigue among players and the T20 World Cup time table should be reviewed in order to save cricket. The 20 odd day long tournament will be concluded with the final match played at the Premdasa Stadium on October 7. The T20 World Cup fixtures include participating nations like Sri Lanka (the host), Zimbabwe, Australia, Ireland, Afghanistan, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan and England.



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