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Gadgets’ Malady

Author: Madiha Syed

Apple Gadgets“An apple a day won’t keep the doctor away.”  Those trendy apple gadgets which are revolutionized from the simply cell phone to smart phone won’t keep doctor away.  These apples are really causing difficulty if preventative measures are not taken.  It is an undeniable fact that many of the gadgets have a negative influence upon the quality of our lives in some way. As we cannot live without them in this era and they are a necessary evil, we have to find ways to reduce the negative impact of those new appliances. Mobile technology, for the most part the use of cell phones, has become an internal part of today’s life all around the globe. It is very hard to pull them out of our life. These Apples are also dragging toward the doctor’s office.

Living in Kuwait and do not mention the name of the “iPhone” (most hyped-technology product in history) one of the revolutionize cell phone, which changed the theme of the whole cell phone. There are other famous apples products which should be handy if one can afford them.  These gadgets should be used with proper instruction & care.

One of the most common sights we see these days is that of people with their mobile phones next to their ears. A boon for better communication, cell phone usage has many health hazards but it is not limited to that. Various studies point out that the emissions from a cell phone can be awfully harmful, causing genetic damage, tumors, memory loss, and increased blood pressure and weakening of the immune system. This is alarming information, and one has to take into account all these factors.

An additional thing which is flying thumbs which is universal. It can be seen during driving, walking, shopping, cooking during meetings and gathering. Their thumbs are flying all the time and found no rest. They are forgetting about the etiquette of sitting with friends and family. They are just limiting their lives to their fancy devices. People shouldn’t be so dependent on these fancy science inventions. People should not live their lives around those improved quality pieces of equipment.

Showing off phenomenon is the major syndrome which makes people to show their handsets so their hands remain in the front. If we just take a closer look at the advancement of the technology, it seems that every gadget is stuck to us. This is true that technology has everlastingly changed the way we love, live and work. Everything needs rest, otherwise the jobs for the physiotherapist is going to be increased in the future.

People seem so busy in these expensive cell phones and tablets. Some people don’t bother to use Bluetooth or hands free. They use shoulders instead. Once I was reading a newspaper about “I Pad shoulder” and forget the author name. The author have that “I pad shoulder” and doctor recommended her to use hot towel instead of visiting the hospital. There are more problems with those fancy gadgets.

There should be a family doctor who can consult you via phone otherwise the treatment in the hospital is way too fast. And there is no time for what, pardon me, excuse me, they’ll bang the prescription to you face or may be hand (in some cases).


Doctors are way too busy for these patients. Kuwaiti hospitals (private or government) are too busy. Doctors just ask you formally about the symptoms but complete the sentence for you as Google do to us. They are really in hurry that before your second sentence they’ll give you prescription or medical test. These tests are to keep you away from the doctor at least for a week. Nurses have another enigma that they said something which is totally code wording. When you tried to understand you are already in the doctor’s office.  Hence be it for your convenience or for your entertainment, the modern day high-end gadgets are playing crucial role in changing your life. The changing life certainly has more to do with the technology than anything else in this world. The sooner you accept this fact the better it is.



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