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SAK held meeting with OPAC, PBC, FWT at Magsi House Kuwait

SAK held meeting with OPACK, PBC, FWTH at Magsi House Kuwait

A meeting was held at Magsi residence in Egaila between Sindhi Association of Kuwait, Overseas Pakistan Advisory Council Kuwait, Pakistan Business Council Kuwait and Friends Welfare Trust and Helpdesk. Leaders from OPAC, PBC and FWT were formally invited by SAK organization to discuss their respective association forming agenda. Honored guests Mr. Hafiz Shabir from OPAC, Mr. Arif Butt from PBC and Mr. Malik Mohammad Noor from FWT were cordially welcomed at Magsi residence by SAK members. Mr. Ghulam Qadir Magsi (Leader of SAK) launched the event by initiating welcoming guests with Ajrak. He further clarified functionality of SAK and introduced all operational members to the forum.

He added that SAK is a non-profit organization the objectives of which are to unite Sindhis in Kuwait; to foster friendship and understanding between Sindhis and other community people; to preserve and educate people about Sindhi Civilization, philosophy, values, language, literature, history and heritage; to harness and bring under one umbrella of SAK, the potential energy, resources, and knowledge in Sindhis living in Kuwait. SAK is formed to discuss various situations and form a bond between Sindhis and other community people from Pakistan in Kuwait.

SAK held meeting with OPACK, PBC, FWTH at Magsi House Kuwait

Keen interest was taken in ensuring SAK policies to forecast new challenges amongst the community and working cohesively to resolve them with OPAC, PBC and FWT.  Further Leaders from OPAC, PBC, FWT and SAK shared their thoughts that all of us share a responsibility to ensure that in the coming years cooperation on various issues related to Pakistani community are met in timely manner . PBC and SAK stressed the big challenges we face: the environment/ natural disasters, raising education standards, building better communities back home, eradicating diseases all can be met by directly involving and engaging all parties and associations in their solution.

SAK held meeting with OPACK, PBC, FWTH at Magsi House Kuwait

Following are the attendees from the meeting;

Members from SAK present at the event:

S# Name of the member Position in SAAK Telephone #
      1. Ghulam Qadir Magsi Founder of Association 99556109
      2. Saen Nawaz Chairman 66625900
      3. Ahmed Nawaz Hakro Organizer 60402813
      4. Athar Ali President 99605274
      5. Ratan Kumar Sangtani Vice President 96614647
      6. Anwar Ali Shar General Secretary 60786581
      7. Aatma Ram Bansari Dpty. General Secretary 90978844
      8. Faisal Memon Finance Secretary 94025177
      9. Teekam Das Kalani Information and media Secretary 60717043
     10. Saad Laghari Public Relations Secretary 97106270
     11. Fida Hussain Dahani Joint Secretary 97263142
     12. Nabeel Magsi Executive Member 98871500
     13. Ahmad Magsi Executive Member 65163326
     14. Hafeez Ogahi Executive Member 65093211
     15. Toufeq Junejo Executive Member 66810696
     16. Khalid Thebo Executive Member 66776709
     17. Aabid Ali Executive Member 55646530
     18. Haji Aasif Executive Member 51000401
     19. Qurab Ali Executive Member 97692838
     20. Najid Ali Executive Member 51051777
     21. Shahid Hinai Executive Member 97595678
     22. Abdullah Qazi Executive Member
     23. Mohammad Sadiq Executive Member

Main personalities at the event:

S# Name of the member Position
      1. Mr. Hafiz Shabir Chairman OPAC
      2. Mr. Mohd Aarif Butt President PBC
      3. Malik Mohammad Noor President FWT



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