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Hala Pakistan Executive Committee Elections 2013

Election of Hala Pakistan Executive Committee 2013

12th July 2013 marked a great day in the history of Hala Pakistan and a milestone was achieved by conducting a successful election resulting in the selection of Hala Pakistan Executive Committee. Based on election timeline, the presiding officer Mr. Maqsood Qureshi along with assistant presiding officers, Mr. Adnan Akram & Mr. Umair Tariq conducted and supervised the election process.

Earlier a poll was conducted in the supervision of Mr. Maqsood Qureshi & Mr. Sajjad Naveed
to finalize the nominations for 5 Executive Positions.

Event started at 12:15 am with recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Fiaz Ahmed followed by Oath taking ceremony of the remaining members by CC Chairman Mr. Naveed Shahzad. Election took place in a calm and peaceful manner under the tight security and substantive procedures.
A total of 19 members who had taken oath to serve as member of Hala Pakistan participated in the voting process. Voting process took 2 hours and each member was given chance to cast a vote in a secure and private environment to assure the maximum legitimacy of the votes. Later on results were announced by the presiding officer Mr. Maqsood Qureshi after an authentic count
of casted votes.

Following members were elected as Executive Committee Members:-

1. Mr. Naveed Shahzad, President
2. Mr. Khawar Abbas Bhutta, Vice President
3. Mr. Sajjad Naveed, General Secretary
4. Mr. Mohammad Irfan, Press & Public Relations Secretary
5. Mr. Khalid Qamar, Finance Secretary

The selected committee will take their offices for 1-year tenure stating from 1st May 2013 to
30th April 2014.

For more information contact Mohammad Irfan, Press secretary Hala Pakistan
+965 97698661



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