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Serving the Needy

A Kuwaiti NGO delegation visited Friends Hospital (Charity Hospital) at Rawalpindi

The idea of first model friends hospital was conceived by the trustees and members of FWT, after the successful completion of four years of its community health services in Pakistan during their visit to Rawalpindi in December, 2008. The site of the project was selected by the trustees and members of FWT, to cater for the health requirement of the poor localities in its vicinity. Now it was completed and serving the Humanity.

The Trust build, administer and run hospitals, clinics and places of medical aid and relief anywhere in Pakistan. The focus of the operation the welfare of poor, underprivileged and deserving people (particularly in rural and underprivileged areas) in order to provide them is mainly the health as well as health educational services. The trust will establish Mobile Dispensary as well as Health Camps at various villages/remote areas with the aim of providing free medical facilities to the inhabitants of those areas.



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