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Minister Calls For Easing Expat Labor Employment Restrictions

KUWAIT CITY, March 9, (KUNA): Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Retd Lieutenant-General Ahmad Abdullatif Al-Rujeib has affirmed the importance of regularizing the labor market by completing the process to ease the burdens of the public and private sectors with regard to foreign workers.

During a meeting with members of the National Assembly’s Permanent Committee for Health and Social Affairs which is responsible for organizing work conditions for foreign workers in both private and domestic sector, the minister stated the importance of coordination between the concerned government sectors to curb the involvement of the authority on one hand and to provide integrated and comprehensive solution to laborers and labor-related problems on the other.


That will contribute to simplify procedures by relying on the contemporary methods which are based on labor principles. This will cause parallel development of work and the mechanization which is how the practical government should be.

He added, residents in Kuwait may sometimes feel the financial brunt of hiring a domestic helper. However, the minister assured the citizens and residents alike that the ministry will do all it can to put an end to those who con the public especially when it comes to gathering personal information before a domestic worker is contracted to work for the family through the concerned embassy in Kuwait.

He also affirmed that the GCC states will unify its view in relation to domestic workers, as it should adopt ‘Colombo Style’ of following recruitment of domestic workers to curb human trafficking.



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