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Kuwaiti launches camera-fitted balloon into space

Kuwaiti inventor Sadeq Qasem successfully launched a camera-fitted balloon showing the Kuwaiti flag into space and the contraption took video footage during both launch and landing, in the first of its kind experiment in Kuwait.

Interviewed by KUNA, the Kuwaiti winner of the (Arab Inventor) prize said the project aimed to help read and assess weather and climate conditions better through live video recording and feeding this data to receptors via radar. This is the first time a Radiosonde balloon is used in conjunction with a GPS system. The balloons used to be launched and data gathered before the balloons fall anywhere in the desert or out at sea. The tracking and quick recovery of the balloon is a new achievement in Kuwait.

This scientific project was result of cooperation of several bodies including Science Club, of which the inventor is member, the Civil Aviation’s meteorology department, and the Interior Ministry’s aviation police department.

Qasem expressed gratitude for the help of all who cooperated in the project in all these and other bodies.

courtesy: KUNA



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