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Kuwait delegations travels to Pakistan to recruit physicians

Kuwait: According to KUNA (Kuwait News Agency), Kuwait Health Ministry Undersecretary for Technical Affairs Dr. Khalid Al-Sahlawi has announced his visit to Pakistan on Sunday to make interviews & hire doctors/ physicians for primary health care centers.

In his statement to KUNA, Al-Sahlawi said that the recruitment trip comes within the framework of long standing cooperation between Kuwaiti-Pakistani health ministries. He added that Pakistani physicians are well-trained and well-qualified.
“Over 230 applications were submitted to the Kuwaiti Embassy in Pakistan and Health Ministry officials have reviewed them,” he said noting that nearly 100 applicants have the qualification required by the ministry.
The Kuwaiti delegation will conduct interviews with those applicants and choose the most suitable for the jobs he said.
Kuwait Health Ministry hired last year over 50 Pakistani physicians for the primary health care centers across the nations.
“The have done a good job in their work in Kuwait and Kuwait officials and patients are pleased with their performance.” Al Sahlawi said.



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