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Free Medical Camp by Pakistani Community in Kuwait

On 19th October 2012, a free Medical camp was organized by the Friend Welfare Trust in collaboration with Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait (SPDK) & Al Rahma, which took place at Pakistan National English School, Hawally – Kuwait for the welfare of Pakistani community.

Operational formalities at the camp were started exactly after the Jummah prayer and the event was very well planned and executed by the team of professionals which made it really a success story.

The finest team of Pakistani Doctors from different specialties like Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Gynecologist, Pulmonologist, Dermatologist and Dentist offered their services for free at the camp and they remained busy while serving the community till the late evening.

Well trained staff at the reception, registration counters, check up corners and at the medicine section were treating the attendees very well and performed their duties in very professional way.

According FWT sources over 670 people from the Pakistani community as well as the other nationals from Bangladeshi and Indian community registered there who not only were examined by the Specialist Doctors but also they were facilitated by the free check up like Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, CBC, ECG and not to forget medicine was provided totally free of charge as per the Doctor’s prescription. There were 478 Male & 192 Female patients in which 39 were newly diagnosed as Hypertensive & 53 Sugar.

Apart from offering their service at the medical camp, Hala Pakistan team was also busy in distributing the leaflets about the 2nd blood donating event which will take place in Kuwait Central Blood Bank, Jabriya – Kuwait on 09th November 2012 from 01:00 PM till 4:00 PM.

His Excellency Iftikhar Aziz, ambassador of Pakistan attended the Free Medical Camp and he appreciated the services provided at the camp and admired the arrangements. A huge number of dignities were also attending the Medical Camp.
The Event proved to be very beneficial for hundreds of the people from various nationalities and all the Doctors, Organizers, Volunteers and each person who contributed at the Free Medical camp really deserve to be applauded for their cause & efforts.

HalaPakistan believes that such events should keep taking place which will sure present a positive picture of Pakistan & Pakistani community to rest of the nations.

Below pictures were exclusively taken by HalaPakistan:



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