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19 Percent Expats leave Kuwait

KUWAIT: The number of expatriates in Kuwait dropped by 19 percent in one year, according to recent official statistics that attributes the reduction to “efforts to tackle human trade, deport violators and ration the labor market”.

According to the statistics, released by the Ministry of Interior Migration General Department on 30 April, 2012 there are 2,167 million “labor forces of 23 nationalities living in Kuwait”; 94,040 of whom work in the public sector, while 1,109,000 or 51 percent are employed by private companies. The statistics further indicate that 606,482 domestic workers live in Kuwait; nearly 85 percent of whom are females, while 448,394 expatriates reside in Kuwait on a dependent visa (article 22).

The Pakistani community comes in sixth place with 119,847; 2,711 in the public sector and more than 87,000 private sector employees as well as 2,639 domestic workers.

It has been raised on different levels to Kuwait Govt. for opening family Pakistani visas. It is said that visas even on humanitarian ground are also rejected which is also another reason for businessmen & professional Pakistanis of leaving Kuwait.

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