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Thousands watch national flag raising ceremony

People gathered at the Tian’anmen Square to watch the national flag raising ceremony at dawn on Oct. 1, in celebration of 63rd anniversary of the founding of Peoples Republic of China.

Chinese leaders present flowers to heroes’ monument

Top leaders laid flower baskets at the Monument to the People’s Heroes in the heart of Beijing Monday morning to mark the National Day.

Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang participated in the ceremony held at the Tian’anmen Square, where the monument stands, and paid their respect to those who sacrificed for the nation’s independence and liberation.

The leaders then walked around the monument, viewing the relief sculptures and inscriptions that display the history of China’s struggles for modernity in nearly two centuries.

They joined 3,600 representatives from all walks of life in Beijing in the ceremony to mark the 63rd anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The square, regarded as a national landmark, is beautifully decorated with flowers and colorful flags.

The ceremony presents a chance for all Chinese to express patriotism, reflects the historical role of this generation and encourages the Chinese people to work for the revival of Chinese nation, said Yang Yu, a Beijing-based news analyst during the live broadcast of the China Central Television.

The ceremony has been held on the National Day since 2008.



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