Kuwait Shopping Malls


Souq Al Wataniya

Souq Al Wataniya is another one of Kuwait’s ubiquitous shopping malls. The difference with this one is that it is filled with Indian merchants who sell incredibly cheap and low-quality goods. Perhaps the only thing that you might consider purchasing here is textiles, as there are a number of stores that sell Indian fabrics and garments, which are always favourite souvenirs. Apart from that, this is not somewhere that you should plan on going to unless you need to recharge your cellphone. In fact, this is the only shopping mall in Kuwait where I was consistently stared at, which leads me to believe that it is quite uncommon for anyone but Indians and South Asians to frequent the stores here. That is ultimately quite ironic, as the name of the mall means National Mall.


Kuwait Magic Mall

Kuwait Magic Mall is a state-of-the-art retail mall in Kuwait, and is located in Abu Haleefa, next to one of the best Sandy beaches in Kuwait, in proximity to Fahaheel. The Abu Halifa Branch of the mall was established in Aril 2000, and covers 2298 square metres in area.


Al Fanar Mall

Located on the Salem Al-Muharak Street of Salmia, Al-Fanar is an attractively designed shopping complex, which has a distinct look compared to several other complexes in the area.

The three-storey Al Fanar mall, includes more than 30 branded stores, and a couple of cafes. Among the stores, few worth-mentioning are the Zara, Mango, MAC, Godiva, B & O, Gucci, Tiffany, Claire and River Island. The mall also has the Dalyou and Lenotre restaurants. With several entrances into the mall, a shopper can easily get towards a particular section within the complex.

Al Fanar mall is said to be one of the ‘coolest’ place to look out for the latest in gadgets and fashion trends, and particularly catch-up with movies and in hanging out with friends.

The most favourite aspect of one and all, about the Al-Fanar mall, is the Al-Fanar Cinema, which is believed to be on of the best among all Cinemas in Kuwait. The large and spacious Al-Fanar Cinema is located within the Al-Fanar shopping complex, and includes all modern amenities. It is an American style multiplex cinema, featuring all total 3 screens. Two among these are for American blockbuster movies and one is for Arabian movies. As the multiplex is fashioned in American style, it sets an international standard in town. The Cinema is a preferred choice for any tourist, given its convenient location and luxurious arrangements.

The mall has a fairly large space allocated for car parking. Offering five-star services and amenities, the mall is best-suited for all.


Al Hamra Tower Mall

Al Hamra Tower, the supertall skyscraper, which is currently under construction in downtown Kuwait City, is located on theAl Hamra & Firdous Cinema land in Al-Magwa’a Al-Shargi of Kuwait City at the intersection of Al Shuhada’a and Jaber Al-Mubarak streets. It is the tallest building in Kuwait, on its completion. It is also expected to be the world’s tallest sculpted tower.

The tower, apart from offering 10,50,000 square feet of commercial space, also includes a five-storey retail mall, spreading across 250,000 square feet of space, including an integrated 10-screen cinema complex and IMAX theatres and an eleven storey Car-park. The tower would also include a health club, and a food court.

The Al Hamra Lifestyle Shopping Center will be a mix of high-end retail shops, restaurants, cafes, food courts, cinemas and entertainment areas, spread across four levels of the tower.


The Laila Gallery

The Laila Gallery Complex is located at the Salem Mubarak Street, near Salmiyyah. The Laila Gallery Complex is best known for the Laila Theatre, located within the mall. After watching a good movie, you could catch-up with some shopping that the mall has to offer by choosing from the wide range of jewelry, opticals, garments, perfumes, clothes and cosmetics from reputed brands.

Thereafter, you could rest your tired feet while enjoying the delicious eateries available within the mall.


Al Kout Mall

The beautiful Al-Kout Mall is located in the district of Fahaheel, outside Kuwait, at the waterfront. Given its location, this mall is a rather quiet and pleasant place to chill-out and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The fountain at the Al Kout Mall is one of the largest in Kuwait. It is an exciting waterfront development, with a unique ceiling at the domed tower.

Al Kout offers a unique shopping experience with more than 100 regional and international brands, which serves the local community with traditional market for fresh vegetables, meat and fish.

The leisure and dining experience is enhanced by several restaurants, cafes and a cineplex set alongside the dancing fountains. The mall also includes a state-of-the-art luxurious yacht club with high-level marina facilities for more than 150 boats.

The quality of marine facilities has been instrumental in establishing Al Kout and its adjacent waterfront location for the annual Kuwait International Boat Show. The attractive location offers a strong appeal to sea lovers and commercial marine enterprises.


The Marina Mall

The Marina World in Kuwait is the second largest shopping and entertainment complex, located along the beachfront in the shopping district of Salmiya. It is a major local enterprise of United Real Estate Company (UREC), a member of KPCO Group. The first phase of the complex was unveiled in November 2002, while the second phase has been unveiled in 2004, and the third and final phase opening is towards end of 2005.

Being home to several restaurants, a convention hall, shops, promenade areas and a five-star hotel, the Marina World has received more than 15million visitors so far.

The Mall is surrounded by several cafes and restaurants, including the Starbucks Coffee, and the Le Notre Restaurant. There is a large spectacular glass fountain, located at the centerpiece of the plaza. The area is topped with one of the largest glass domes in the region, equipped with a sail which moves automatically in the direction of the sun.

Unveiled in early 2004, the Marina Crescent is located directly across the highway from the Marina Mall. The crescent comprises several restaurants, and few gift shops. It is directly linked to the Mall by a beautiful 100-meter length air-conditioned bridge. Some of the well-known cafes and restaurants in the crescent are Starbucks Coffee, The Chocolate Bar, TGI Friday’s, Casper and Gambini’s, Costa Coffee, Color Me Mine, Totally Fish, and the like.

The Waterfront is the final phase of the Marina World project, featuring five-star deluxe Marina Hotel, basketball courts, Salwa Sabah, skatepark, Al-Ahmad Theater & Hall, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

The next phase is the Marina Waves. The three-storey offers services including saloons, spa, gymnasiums, boutique gallery, water sport activities, fine dining, lounges, seasonal stores, and some coffee shops. Marina World aims to grab tourists, customers and consumers to an interesting and helpful spite for complete satisfaction.

Also present in the vicinity is the Marina Yacht Club, exclusive yacht club offering integrated services from well-equipped servicing yard with well-qualified maintenance team and shore launching capabilities. The Yacht Club is home to Safir Failaka Island tourist boats “Om Al-Khair” and “Bent Al-Khair”.

Situated along the beach, is the Marina Hotel, which offers direct access to Marina Mall and Marina Crescent. It is conveniently accessible to all business locations in Kuwait, and is located just 10 minutes away from heart of Kuwait City and is just 20 minutes away from Kuwait International Airport.

The Marina Plaza is a unique shopping point, facing the Salem Al-Mubarak Street. It has several offices, retails, fountains and spacious car park. The plaza, with its unique ambience of exceptional shopping experience is home to the first Marks and Spencer’s in Kuwait.

The Marina Sea Front offers large open areas and greeneries with distinctive palm tree lined promenade, which blends well into the passenger passages of Marina coastline. There is the unique pyramid-shaped hard rock cafe, basketball court, public beaches, kids play areas, snack shops and abundant car parking amenities for visitors to engage themselves in several entertainment and activities along the coastal stretch.

Marina World is a complete destination for local and expatriate families and tourists, with shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment amenities.


The Sharq Mall

Sharq Mall is one of the popular malls in Kuwait.

Located on the Gulf Road, along the waterfront, it offers plenty for the water-sports lovers. You can rent a jet ski or a little motor boat or go for a spin in the huge artificial lake, just behind the mall.

Sharq Mall has a large food court, in fact, the largest of any mall in Kuwait. It has a branch of almost every known chain of stores in Kuwait, and also several reputed independent stores. The well-known outlets at the Mall are the Oasis, Mango, Next, Debenham’s, Arbash Diamonds, Racing Green, Steps, E1 Taher, Milano, Body Shop, Steps, Zara and more.

Debenhams and Sultan Center are the anchor stores located at either ends of the mall. The other outlets include River Island, Boots, Hassan Optics, Charles Jourdan, Fantasy, Sony, GNC, Mothercare, Steps, Kenneth Cole, IKKS, Monsoon, Adams, and International optics.

Bredz and Marina Café are the two good restaurants. The mall also has the usual food court stuff such as the Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Marina Thai, Hardees, and TGIF.

There is also a movie theatre and amusement arcade for the little ones.


Al Muhallab Mall

Located on the Muthana Street, Hawally area, behind the Hawally Park, the Al Mohalab Mall is also known as The Titanic Mall, due to its shape, which resembles the deck of the boat. The interiors are contemporary and stylish.

The Al Mohalab mall boasts of several fitness centers, good cafes and few reputed brand stores. It is an established shopping centre in Kuwait and offers a wide range of boutiques, stores, exclusive specialty stores, designer boutiques and world-class cuisine to local curious and cafes. There is a Family Health Center too, to take care of the health requirements of visitors. The mall also offers house spa centers, for the tired visitors to relax with a pampering massage.

The Al Mohalab Mall is a good place to visit during sales time, as unlike the other malls, it will not be over-crowded.


360° Mall

360° MALL is a truly unique shopping destination developed at the intersection of the King Faisal Highway and the 6th Ring Road.

Strategically located in a busy and rapidly growing residential area, the retail and entertainment development provides a valuable addition to the local community as well as visitors from further afield.

The circular design of the mall creates a shopping area of over 82,000 sqm,  with its superb architecture that has been inspired by a modern day interpretation of the tradition of navigating by the stars and by the region’s class Arabic architectural features the Mall provides the most engaging shopping and leisure experiences in Kuwait

A hypermarket, two department stores and fabulous leisure and entertainment arenas are just some of its major attractions.360° MALLis truly an exciting and unique destination whose shopping, entertainment and leisure components are synonymous with sophistications, elegance and unsurpassed style and luxury. The Mall showcases the best of international, regional and local retailers to create a delightful and special experience for visitors of all ages.


The Avenues Mall

The Avenues has quickly established itself as one of Kuwait’s premier leisure and shopping destinations, also providing a boost to the economy and prestige of Kuwait.

The Avenues’ current design comes from world-renowned architects and it is the brainchild of NORR Consultants International . The Mall itself is a dazzling addition to Kuwait’s retail landscape. It is designed to reflect the natural forms and elements of the desert, while using the maximum amount of natural light, being environmental friendly, and contributing to national energy savings.

The Avenues strives to ensure a return on investment for all stake holders and investors, thereby enhancing the profitability of the parent company, Mabanee.


Lulu Hyper Market

LuLu Hypermarkets, the retail division of the multidimensional and multinational EMKE Group has always been known as a trend setter of the retail industry in the region. Today, LuLu symbolize quality retailing with 99 stores and has been an instant hit with the discerning shoppers across the Gulf region.

With its pleasant and novel variation from the usual supermarkets, LuLu offers an ultra modern shopping ambience for the shoppers by integrating all conceivable needs of the consumers under one roof. LuLu Hypermarkets have extensively laid out counters, sprawling parking space, play area for children, food court, money exchange and bank counters besides a panoply of international and regional brands aptly justifying it’s tagline, “LuLu, where the world comes to shop”.

LuLu Hypermarkets today not only dot the cities of the UAE but have become the most preferred shopping destinations in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain,Yemen, Egypt and  Saudi Arabia.

To become a truly global retail brand by retaining our No.1 position in the organized retail sector of the regions we operate in and strive to be the most preferred employer for our current & future multi-ethnic employees.
To provide unique shopping experience to our loyal customers with unmatched quality, in terms of products & services, while continuously exploring new market opportunities and adding value to all our business associates.
· Integrity
· Teamwork
· Accountability
· Innovation
· Commitment



Welcome to the Kuwait’s most dynamic, fast-moving and exciting hypermarket chain – Carrefour! A joint venture company by Majid al Futtaim and Carrefour France, this global expertise helps us offer shoppers here in the Kuwait the same quality, variety and value-for-money that is provided all over the world.

Thanks to our massive buying power, we guarantee to cut costs and keep our prices low – no wonder more than 2,000,000,000 people worldwide shop with us every year! As well as unbeatable value, we’ve also got unbeatable choice – you’ll find over 100,000 items always in stock!

Add convenient locations near to you and easy parking when you get there, and it’s easy to see why so many people choose Carrefour!


City Centre

City Centre is a leading international hypermarket group based in Kuwait since 1999. City Centre offers a unique family shopping experience at it’s hypermarkets in Shuwaikh and Salmiya.

City Centre hypermarkets offer the largest range of products across Food, Fresh Food, Garments, House wares, Electronics, Beauty Care, Toys, plus many more, together with play area and entertainment for children.

City Centre famous ‘Mega Value’ Price, Range, Quality and Service has ensured it’s continued success and popularity with all communities across Kuwait.

City Centre ‘Mega Value’ concept is now being expanded with new hypermarkets in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

City Centre – ‘A Truly Unique Shopping Experience’.



The IKEA business idea is to offer a wide range of home furnishings with good design and function at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. And still have money left !

Most of the time, beautifully designed home furnishings are created for a small part of the population — the few who can afford them. From the beginning, IKEA has taken a different path. We have decided to side with the many.

That means responding to the home furnishing needs of people throughout the world. People with many different needs, tastes, dreams, aspirations…and wallets. People who want to improve their homes and create better everyday lives.

It’s not difficult to manufacture expensive fine furniture. Just spend the money and let the customers pay. To manufacture beautiful, durable furniture at low prices is not so easy. It requires a different approach. Finding simple solutions, scrimping and saving in every direction. Except on ideas.

But we can’t do it alone. Our business idea is based on a partnership with the customer. First we do our part. Our designers work with manufacturers to find smart ways to make furniture using existing production processes. Then our buyers look all over the world for good suppliers with the most suitable raw materials. Next, we buy in bulk — on a global scale — so that we can get the best deals, and you can get the lowest price.

Then you do your part. Using the IKEA catalogue and visiting the store, you choose the furniture yourself and pick it up at the self-serve warehouse. Because most items are packed flat, you can get them home easily, and assemble them yourself. This means we don’t charge you for things you can easily do on your own. So together we save money… for a better everyday life.