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23rd March, Pakistan Resolution Day Celebrations

Pakistan Resolution Meeting

The Lahore Resolution (Qarardad-e-Lahore قرارداد لاھور ), commonly known as the Pakistan Resolution (قرارداد پاکستان Qarardad-e-Pakistan ), it was presented by Mr. A.K. Fazlul Huq, during the Mulsim League three day general session on March 22-24, 1940, held at Minto Park Lahore (Now Iqbal Park). In 1941, it became part of the Muslim Leaque’s Constitution. On 23rd March, 1943,  an unofficial resolution was presented by Mr. G.M. Sayed in the legislative Assembly of Sindh, demanding a separate Muslim State, the core content of the resolutions were;

Muslims of India are a separate nation possessing religion, philosophy, social customs, literature, traditions, political and economical theories of their own, quite differently from those of the Hindus, they are justly entitled to the right as a single, separate nation, to have independent national states of their own

This core content became the reason for the establishment of a separate Muslim State in the Subcontinent on the basis of Two Nation Theory, since the creation of Pakistan, 23rd March is always celebrated with jubilant and pride by each and every Pakistani around the world.

Hala Pakistan Team

Hala Pakistan Team

Here in Kuwait on 7th April, at Green Island, a special celebration program was organized, by the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with the support of various Pakistani Schools and also local business & community welfare organizations such as Hala Pakistan, PEFK (Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait), PWF (Pakistan Women Forum) and many other organizations, the show was attended by over 3000 Pakistanis who are living in Kuwait.

The main attraction of the event was the live telecast of the event on the Internet through Hala Pakistan web site (www.halapakistan.com/live) and also Team Hala Pakistan arranged two big screens for the audience, one they installed near the stage and other was installed at their base stall for the public who were observing various stalls organized by different organizations.

The event began with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed by the national Anthems of Kuwait & Pakistan with Kuwait & Pakistani kids stood at the stage in different national & cultural dresses, later on the  Ambassador of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Iftikhar Aziz, welcomed the Pakistani community on this special occasion and briefed them about the history and importance of this resolution.

Before starting the regular shows which were organized by various Pakistani Schools, a very important news was announced by the stage secretary ”Mr. Sohail” , he invited the Team Hala Pakistan on the stage so they can have their formal inauguration ceremony by the ambassador H.E. Mr. Iftikhar Aziz, it was a matter of great honor for each team member of Hala Pakistan, his Excellency Mr. Iftikhar Aziz formally launched the web site of Hala Pakistan.

From Team Hala Pakistan, Mr. Hassan Raza (Member of Executive Council of HalaPakistan Team) presented a short briefing about the history of Hala Pakistan & it’s future plans for the welfare of Pakistani community in Kuwait, he highlighted the main features of the web site, which is not only a source of great information (Government related Info both for Kuwait & Pakistan), but also provides various other community welfare services such as online doctor & free classified services, furthermore  a lot of entertainment & public information are available on the website “HalaPakistan.com”, the audience were amazed to know about this community website and they loved to know more about it.

Later on in the event kids from different Pakistani schools performed various shows & displayed various cultural values through national & folk songs & through wearing different colorful and traditional dresses, they conveyed the message of unity, faith & discipline through different beautiful performances, which gained a generous applause from the excited jubilant crowd, apart from school performances, a magic show was also performed and also different local music groups were invited on the stage to entertain the young audience and  to make the celebration more lively and colorful.

Team Hala Pakistan also made free face painting & henna decoration arrangements on its stall, where a lot of families took keen interest and kids were jubilant to have different color themes on their faces.

As the event was live a telecast by Team Hala Pakistan and they were also  interviewing different people from the audience , therefore, a lot of people from around the world watched the live coverage of the show and they enjoyed to see their loved ones live on the internet who are living in Kuwait.

A number of other stalls were also present at the event, which offered traditional Pakistani food and also different business & welfare organization arranged their stalls such as UAE Exchange, Kuwait Bahrain Exchange, PEFK(Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait), KWF (Kuwait Women Forum and many other organization were present at the show.

Picture Gallery of Event By Mr. Shahbaz



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