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Thank You Team Hala Pakistan

A very warm hello to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters at Kuwait, Back home in Pakistan and around the globe.

My name is Imran Khan and I will be trying to share my thoughts and my experiences being a Pakistani at home as well as being away from home. At the same time I will be trying to convey the voice of my heart to rest of you all, with my writing abilities.

I am thankful to the team of “Hala Pakistan” who really thought that I could be a useful asset for them, for which I am not so sure untill I get some positive feedback from you, the public.

So here I am going to share the experiences of my own life which will be shared on daily basis in short passages and named as “Kya Main Pakistani Hoon?”.

I will be looking forward to have your positive feedback inorder to write more and more, so please show me your interest to let me keep sharing.

I will be counting on, how many of my Pakistanis approach me.

Regards, Imran Khan



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