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A year back in London I witnessed an event; I couldn’t have thought to be writing about it then. But the fact is I am compelled to for the awareness of this coming generation. I feel like it is my primary duty to constructively criticize & highlight the issues undergoing in our current social systems.

It was raining cats & dogs, as most of you know in London they have the most primeval but the most advanced Underground train station in the world. I was coming back from my workplace to home. As most of you might have seen or heard from a relative or friend, London’s weather is the most unpredictable weather in the world. The same thing happened that day, It was nowhere near the forecast what amount of rain was pouring down from the sky.

In this weather obviously everyone was searching for a shade or a place dry & away from the rain. As I was exiting the subway station, seated with the wall of the station on the floor, I saw an old lady crying. I knew she was crying because everyone could hear her scream & shout for help. As I passed by her I heard she was yelling “Somebody help me, my son left me here. I have no place to go”. I witnessed a couple giving her their umbrella but she refused it.

There & then I was standing with a moment of choice, whether to help her or ignore her. I will admit this because I am not ashamed of admitting what I felt. I was carrying food for my housemates which took me forever in the queue to get. But seeing her in the condition reminded me of my mother, immediately a picture of my mother ran by my eyes.

I shrugged the selfish voice in my head & leaped forward to help her. As I approached her, she stopped yelling & asked ‘Can you help me please? ‘. As I looked into her face, her eyes were glistening with shades of pain & trauma she had suffered. I nodded in agreement to her question & helped her get on her feet & asked her to accompany me to the nearest coffee shop. As I opened a door of the café for the lady, a young chap approached towards me & asked ‘Why are you bringing this crazy lady inside’?

I can’t tell you how awestricken I was to hear that, mustering up courage & controlling the anger I replied him.

Is that how you speak to your mother? He kept quite to my reply & helped me settle her in on one of the tables. Politely or compelled to do so whatever the case, He asked me’ Do you want something warm for her’? I asked him to bring her a soup & ran over to the nearest store to get warm & dry clothes. With the young chap’s help I fed her & provided her some warm clothes & comforted her. After a little time went by I asked her ‘Why did your son drive you out of your own house’? A dead silence ran through the room. The old lady looked at the chap in the café & at me. The chap noticed the awkwardness that came along with the question & just left silently to do his work.

She started to describe her story, as expected it was the same story that is for every home. I can’t tell you how shattered I was to hear her describe it. I asked her about her current situation that where would she live now & would take care for her. She started smiling & it shook me to my very soul. The woman had lost her home & her family but still she was smiling. I had to know more about a mother & her amazing patience & kindness.
She told me about her sister & I called her. Waiting for her she thanked me a lot for what I had done for her & consistently kissed my hands & my forehead mumbling ‘ Thank you son’. I knew that moment I was the reason for the remedy of her pain. She wished me a good luck for my stay in London & gave me a countless other blessings & left with her sister. I still stayed in the café, because I had to still recapture what I had been through.

What a Lovely gift we have in the shape of our parents, yet we are always arguing with them. Passing by or hearing a young fellow say ‘Mom/Dad you can’t understand it just leave it’, my mind says ‘Yeah because they tolerated the hardships of the world & they bore all the pain in raising you up, yet they don’t know what you want or feel. I feel pity for those unfortunate people who got their parents & still don’t cherish them & serve them. If the favors you were bestowed by are not enough, then you are the most shameless & unappreciative person in the world.

I won’t be critical of the new generation so they feel they are hit upon hard. I have seen people so kind & caring of their parents, that the mind accepts that there are still humans in the world. But the young they need to understand, they didn’t do all good for your favors, but it is their right to expect kindness from their children whom they gave their strength & youth. If trembling hands & shivering lips don’t have an effect on you then do it of humanity. People who can’t support their parents in their old age, can’t provide a little compassion to them & address their needs, I think it’s better that the parents split away from them.

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