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Iqbal day and blood donation by Pakistani community at Kuwait

9th November is the birthday of our national Poet Dr. Allama Iqbal, we all know already but this day had witnessed another historic milestone when a flood of Pakistanis from all ages rushed towards Kuwait Central Blood Bank at Jabriya, Kuwait from 01:00PM till 04:00PM, where there all members of the Team Hala Pakistan with other communities were gathered to welcome them.

The 2nd Blood Donation Camp was truly an amazing experience which held successfully and it has set a great example of humanity, scarification and brotherhood for all the other nationals at Kuwait.

Approximately 325 donors including male & females had registered to donate their blood but only 200 Donors were able to do so as the timing was very limited.

As soon as the event started, Pakistan “Shaheens” stepped into the blood bank with beautiful smiles on their faces and every donor was so keenly willing to get his/her registration done at the earliest in order to donate the blood and to become a hero.

Some of the Pakistani donors were under 16 years of age but still they were insisting to donate blood which made us salute their passion.

The Chief Guest HE Ambassador Iftikhar A. Abbasi and Mrs. Ambassador both donated blood for the 2nd time at the camp and the Ambassador admired and congratulated the team efforts of PBDIK & Hala Pakistan for arranging the successful event.

Team Hala Pakistan was split into small teams at the camp in order to guide the donors at different stages from the start till the end and no doubt that the grand success of the event was due to hard work, sincerity, loyalty and true dedication by all our management and the volunteers, who did a wonderful job.

If we listen to our so called media, it seems that we Pakistanis can never be united but the historic day of 9th November proved everything wrong when more than 300 donors were not only gathered under one roof but they were all so much disciplined and very much supportive to present a positive image of Pakistan.

Our all donors are our heroes and their names are got written in the golden words in the history forever.

May Allah bless our Pakistan and our Pakistanis all around the globe….ameen.

Pakistan Zindabaad, Pakistan Paindabaad


I will end up with the beautiful peace of poetry by our very own Ijaz Bhai.

Aaj Manzar Ajeeb Dekha Hai
Khud Ko Rabb Kay Qareeb Dekha hai
Sab Nay De Ky Khuda Ke Raah Mein Khoon
Apna Banta Naseeb Dekha Hai

By Imran Khan



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