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Dilemma of Pakistani schools & colleges in Kuwait

We really lack good Pakistani Schools and colleges in Kuwait. The dilemma begins with most of the Pakistani schools are occupied by Kuwaiti & other arab expats, because owner of these Pakistani schools are “Kuwaitis” and they control and manipulate the school management as per their desire. Sorry to say, but it has been observed that these Kuwaiti parents behavior with Pakistani teachers is so rude and abusive.

The Kuwaiti owner of these schools also compel parents to pay whole year tuition fees at once for early classes, which is not possible for those who have limited income. Earlier, people were paying on Quarterly and monthly basis which was very convenient for them.

This deplorable behavior of these School Owners has brought lot of sorrow and anger among Pakistani community.

What could be the official help we may receive from Embassy?

Muhammad Iftikhar

A Parent


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