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About Us

HALA Pakistan has been appreciating the necessity of constituting a web portal representing the Pakistanis in Kuwait in general with a view to uplifting the image of Pakistani community in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries. HALA Pakistan may ensure the welfare of the Pakistani community by developing and organizing a community website and various social and cultural activities in the Kuwait and other Gulf Countries.

Through successful organization of the said website and activities, they will be able to develop a better image of Pakistan and unleash their leadership potential. HALA Pakistan will also provide a forum of communication for Kuwaiti & Pakistani social and business community.

The formation of the HALA Pakistan, filled by the values and spirit of Islam and Pakistan, is expected to guide in a more encouraging environment maintaining harmonious relationship within the community and providing an friendly and effective means to further improve the existing relationships within the community itself and other communities living in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries with a view to achieving the excellence in a holistic manner and thereby help meet the personal and collective objectives of the community.


Aims and Objectives

  • To develop Pakistan’s soft image in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries.
  • To encourage community’s social, sports and education activities.
  • To promote the intercultural relations and welfare of community.
  • To organize different activities for and on behalf of the community.
  • To act as a channel of communication between the Pakistani community and other communities in Kuwait especially Kuwaiti community.
  • To provide opportunity for the expression of community opinion within the legal framework of Kuwait Law.
  • To facilitate conductive socio economic environment for the community in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries.

These aims and objectives shall be pursued in the greater interest of the Pakistani community in general free from any political or sectarian ideology. We are “United for Pakistan”.



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  • We do not allow anti religious, personal insults, derogatory and racist remarks. Abusive, vulgar or obscene language will not be tolerated here. Blatant advertisements and the rapid posting of pointless messages will be considered spam and deleted immediately.
  • Opinions posted in the forum shall not be edited or deleted, except when they don’t meet the rules.
  • With due respect to all readers we welcome all on-topic opinions and input that ensure the widest debate and platform for opinions.
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